Monday, February 9, 2009

The Project...

Whether your interests are more aligned with the environment and sustainable development, social justice, alternative transportation, or civic engagement and politics, what we're starting to realize and see everywhere is that it's all interconnected.
Cracked sidewalks, congested traffic, and dirty bus stops impact our sense of community, the environment, and pedestrian safety just as open green spaces, safe intersections, and walkable neighborhoods do.
Recognizing how our physical environment impacts how we feel about it--our level of safety or comfort--is really one of the first steps to changing what's around us and how we interact with it.
So, that's the aim--to explore and critically examine the barriers and challenges of our physical environment, and to reclaim our rights and responsibilities as pedestrians.
And how we're aiming to do this...
  • Workshops/meetings/trainings/get-togethers on conducting walking audits, urban planning, walkability, community organizing, civic engagement, street reclaiming...It's information sharing, brainstorming, and development and if you want to hear about when they're happening or have it happen with an organization you're involved with or a group of friends you should contact ME!
  • Community walking audits
  • Documenting the walking audit with Yodio, a multi-media tool that patches audio files to pictures.
  • There will be a contest for Yodios submitted--a big deal with prizes, showcase event(s), people admiring your work, etc. It will be great. More importantly, the video submissions are going to be used in the walking audit reports to further support the top observations and recommendations for the CD. Those reports will be provided to the City of Seattle Council Members, Seattle Department of Transportation, and King County Metro.
That's about the gist of, as youth in the Central District, taking the lead, using your expertise, creativity, and talent to make the CD safer for pedestrians.

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